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Guy Strempack is the founder of Strempack Law which is one of Florida’s innovative specialty law firms providing clients with personalized and efficient legal representation. Guy Strempack has more than 20 years work experience in Florida Landlord Tenant Laws which provide important services in Residential Lease Preparation and Revision, Commercial Lease Preparation and Revision, Residential Eviction and Commercial Eviction. 

Making sure you have the right to evict your tenant

The past several years the Florida legislature has adopted laws to regulate landlords and tenants relationships. The result is an often confusing body of law which in general favors the Landlord. In order to evict a tenant under Florida law you have to make sure you haven't violated any Florida lease terms yourself. You are prohibited from:

1. Locking tenant out of rental home by changing the locks;

2. Removing tenant’s belongings from the rental home;

3. Cutting off tenant utilities, such as water, gas, lights, electrical, garbage service, heat, elevators, or refrigeration;

5. Trying to stop tenant from staying in a rental home by doing such things as removing the outside doors, locks, roofs, walls, or windows

4. Interfering with tenant access to the rental home; or

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Steps, Costs and Timeline of

Submit eviction help request

Specialist contacts you about your case

Free consultation / Cost upon hire: Attorney Fee $395 per case

Post eviction notice

Optional help with writing and posting notice: $100

Immediately upon opening case

File eviction case to court

Court filing $185 per case

3 days after eviction notice

Serve tenant with summons

$100 per tenant

5 days after eviction notice

File motion for default judgment

10 days after eviction notice

Receive final judgment

24 days after eviction notice

Take possession of your property

36 days after eviction notice

Your Total cost for a typical uncontested case evicting 1 tenant: $780

Our Typical Uncontested Case


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